Social Security Strategy

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Social Security is America's largest pension plan. Not only is Social Security America's largest pension plan it is also America's most misunderstood pension plan. Amazingly, 74% of all Social Security recipients receive less benefits that they deserve.

When your parents retired, they probably didn't think too much about Social Security. They just went down to their local office as soon as they turned 65, or maybe 62 if they retired early, and applied for their Social Security benefits. And were pleased to receive their check.

When it comes to Social Security, many people believe that you get what you get. They couldn't be more wrong. Social Security is not entitlement; you paid into the program now it is time to receive your benefits.

The rules that govern how much you receive and when you receive your benefits are very complex.

It is critical that you understand the rules that govern your personal situation. You need to make smart decisions to maximize your social security benefits.

The key to unlocking your greatest benefits is to coordinate Social Security with the rest of your retirement income plan and your spousal and survivor benefits. This takes strategy and planning.

Click here http://www.ssa.gov/mystatement/ to obtain your Social Security statement.



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