Tuesday, 03 November 2015 11:37

Step Outside the Box of Conventional Thinking

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Jack LaLanne 1961Time to take inspiration from the fitness expert, Jack Lalanne.

A self-described emotional and physical wreck while growing up, Mr. LaLanne began turning his life around after hearing a talk on proper diet at age 15. Mr. LaLanne started working out with weights when they were an oddity. In 1936 he opened the prototype for the fitness spas to come - a gym, juice bar and health food store.

At the time, doctors advised their patients to stay away from his health club, a business totally unheard of at the time. Patients were warned that, "LaLanne was an exercise 'nut' whose programs would make them muscle-bound and cause severe medical problems."

It's amazing to look back now and consider how the prevailing experts were wrong about the effects of exercise and fitness. 

It's also worth considering that much of the prevailing financial advice you hear from TV financial gurus or other "experts" may not be complete or correct either.

You're not going to create a financial strategy for yourself that is flexible, responsive to change and that will work in both a strong and weak economy by doing what everyone else has always done. And just like Mr. LaLanne, it makes sense, at times, to challenge the status quo and step outside the box of conventional thinking.

You have far greater financial flexibility, creativity and strategy available to you than just following the predictable, common-place and incomplete advice you hear every day:

  • "Stay in the stock market, ride out the downturn no matter what"
  • "Invest for the long term"
  • "Focus on rate of return"

I work with you to develop your skill and financial knowledge. We discuss your life choices, values, and overall personal, family or business situation and outlook.Think-out-of-the-box

Then together we choose appropriate financial products that fit into and support your customized, personal, lifetime financial strategy.

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